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Ultra-High Precision Thin Film Resistors

Based on Ta2Nx (tantalum nitride) that has excellent environmental durability, we applied our special membrane treatment technology to create a material with a never-before-seen minute temperature coefficient of resistance (microscopic TCR). In combination with our laser trimming technology, we offer products with ultra-precise resistors that can operate from DC to high-frequency ranges.

Main Applications

  • Various attenuators
  • Various terminators
  • Various dividers
  • Gain adjustment resistors for thin film amplifier circuit substrates


Types of Resistors

We manufacture the following types of resistors.

  • Circuit configuration resistors
  • Chip resistors (SMD)
  • Network resistors
  • W/B types, soldering types, solder bump types, etc.


We can realize the high precision resistance of our thin film by using active-trimming which is monitored with resistance value during laser trimming.

  • Ultra-High-Precision-Thin-Film-Resistors_01.png
  • Ultra-High-Precision-Thin-Film-Resistors_02.png

Laser Trimming Specifications (Active Trimming)W/O Trimming
Substrate material Alumina (purity of 99.5%, 99.9%), aluminum nitride, please ask about other materials
Product resistance range Several dozen Ω to several hundred kΩ
Sheet resistors 20Ω/□、50Ω/□、100Ω/□、130Ω/□
Precision Resistance tolerance Minimum tolerance ±0.1% ±10 - 20%
Temperature coefficient -100±20ppm/℃

Substrate Material

The following materials are available to be used for substrates.

  • Alumina substrate (Purity: 99.5%, 99.9%)
  • Silicon substrate
  • Other (Please consult with us directly.)

Conductor Film Structure

It is possible to combine any of the following materials to form a conductive circuit.

  • Ti/Pd/Au
  • Ti/Pt/Au
  • Ti/Pd/Cu/Ni/Au