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Alumina Substrates (Substrates for Milli/Micro-Wave Devices)

This alumina substrate with excellent characteristics was made possible thanks to our own thin sheet ceramics manufacturing technology.
We also handle processed substrates with fine rounded/square holes or slits, as well as polished substrates.

Alumina Substrates

Main Applications

  • High-frequency thin film circuit substrates
  • Capacitor/resistor substrates
  • Sensor component substrates


  • Low surface roughness
    Even heat treated products have a surface roughness that is equivalent to that of polished products.
    (Ra 0.03μm)
  • High bending strength
    It has a three-point bending strength of 660 MPa which is approximately twice that of conventional substrates.
  • High purity
    It is made from 99.9% pure alumina.
  • Fine material properties
    It is a dense material with few internal pores.
  • Good electrical characteristics
    Low dielectric loss tangent in the high frequency band.
    (tanσ:10-4 at10 GHz)
  • Ultra-thin substrates with a thickness of 0.1 mm are also available.

Note: In addition to our high-grade alumina substrates we also provide ones with a purity of 99.5%.