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Optical Components

Ti/Pt/Au Thin Film Circuits

Thin film Circuitsイラスト.PNG

It is possible to realize products for various applications with highly reliable circuit substrates.

  • The middle layer is made of platinum which has high solder resistance.
  • Active titanium is used at the interface between the ceramics and the metallization to improve reliability.
  • The upper layer is made of gold as standard and a wire bonding option is also possible.
  • AIN ceramics which has superior heat conduction is also available.
  • It is also possible to apply Au/Sn solder to the top layer.

AuSn Solder

AuSn Solderイラスト.PNG

By applying AuSn solder to the circuit substrate in advance, mounting can be carried out without any further processing.

Standard Specifications
Standard Composition Au:Sn = 70:30 (wt%)
(Other compositions are also available)
Standard thickness (t) 3.5μm (Up to 5μm)
Film thickness tolerance ±1μm (Possible to get up to ±0.5μm)
Minimum pattern size (D) 30μm
Pattern tolerance ±10μm

Side Patterns

Side Patternsイラスト.PNG

Patterns can also be applied to the side of the substrate.

Main Applications

  • Substrates for optical components
  • Chip components for mounts
  • Various circuit substrates


Metallization layer Ti/Pt/Au A dry process is used for patterning of the Pt film
Resistive layer Ta2Nx typetd Sheet resistance: Standard 50Ω/□
(Other resistance values also possible)
Solder layer AuSn type Standard thickness: 3.5μm
Standard Au:Sn = 7:3
(Other ratios also possible)
Ceramics 99.9% Alumina
99.5% Alumina
We can also provide ALN substrates over 200 W/(m · K)
Through-hole φ0.1mm or larger
Other Side metallization is also possible.

We have a complete integrated production line that handles everything from thin film deposition and pattern formation to machining.

Please contact us in regards to substrates for high-frequency circuits from micro to milli-wave frequencies or submount chips.