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Thin Film Integrated Circuits

We provide integrated manufacturing of a range of products from alumina substrates for micro-wave applications to thin film pattern formation. From the initial prototype to mass production, we deliver high quality products at a low price over a short period of time.

To enable our production system to handle mass production of LD, PD submounts, we have newly acquired Au/Sn binary deposition equipment, and dry etching equipment for Pt pattern formation.

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Main Applications

  • Submounts for photodiodes and laser-diodes, sub-carriers, etc.
  • Circuit substrates for transceivers that operate in the milli/micro-wave band, etc.
    (Amplification circuits, frequency conversion circuits, oscillator circuits, filter circuits, etc.)
  • Small resistor arrays Circuit substrates for measuring instruments.
     Circuit substrates for communication and radar equipment.
  • Sensor head circuit substrates.
     Combiner/distributor parts for submarine optical cables, etc.


  • Circuits are able to be printed on substrates that have through-holes or slits cut out.
  • Air bridges, side patterns, and AuSn solder patterns are able to be utilized.
  • It is possible to use conductors, thin film resistors, thin film capacitors, and thin film inductors together on a single board.
  • Conductors: Ti/Pd/Au, Ti/Pt/Au, Ti/Pd/Cu/Ni/Au.
  • Thin film resistor material: Ta2Nx (Sheet resistance: 20Ω/□ , 50Ω/□ , 100Ω/□ , 130Ω/□)
  • Thin film capacitor material: SiO2
  • Solder material: Au/Sn
  • With our combination of fine patterns on a 99.9% alumina substrate, it is possible to create circuits with low losses and low noise in the high-frequency band.
  • We also handle other materials such as high-dielectric constant substrates, aluminum nitride substrates (AlN substrate), and quartz substrates.
  • As a specialized manufacturer of substrates, we possess comprehensive technology development, quality assurance, and problem solving knowhow.
  • We provide quality products according to specific features and specifications. We perform well under strict time constraints and respond quickly to design changes.

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