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Zirconia Substrates (Ceraflex®)

Two types of Ceraflex are available.
"Ceraflex®-A" takes advantage of its high-strength and toughness to become a bendable ceramics.
"Ceraflex®-8Y" takes advantage of its high oxygen ionic conductivity to become a material used as an electrolyte.
We also handle processed substrates with fine rounded/square holes or slits, as well as polished substrates.

Zirconia Substrate

Main Applications

  • Electrolytes used in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)
  • Oxygen sensor materials
  • Precision machinery and electronic components
  • Anti-abrasion materials and elemental substrates
  • Various blades and cutting tool base materials
  • Electronic component and oxide superconductor substrates
  • Diaphragm



A highly flexible ceramics obtained by forming zirconia into sheet of a thickness between 0.05 and 1.0 mm. It is highly elastic and resistant to heat, corrosion, and abrasion.

  • High strength and fracture toughness
    It has three times the bending strength, and 2-3 times the fracture toughness when compared to alumina.
  • High elasticity and flexibility
    For 10 mm strips with a thickness of 0.05 mm, they are capable of being bent into a U-shape with an 8 mm radius of curvature.
  • Can be formed into ultra-thin sheets
    It is possible to have sheets with a thickness of 0.05 mm


This material has excellent oxygen ionic conductivity and is used for high-temperature solid electrolytes and oxygen sensor substrates.

  • High oxygen ionic conductivity
    Superior oxygen ionic conductivity at high temperature.
  • We are also capable of providing large sized sheets.