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MMC Die-Cast

Joint development of high-pressure precision casting technology (die-casting) using "MMC"(Metal Matrix Composites) which is a composite material of metal and ceramics is conducted at JAPAN FINE CERAMICS CO., LTD. and KEISHIN Co., Ltd.

MMC Die-Cast Example(pin heat sink).png


It is a composite material that realized better physical properties by combining base metal (aluminum) and ceramic reinforcement (SiC: silicon carbide). SiC particles are dispersed in aluminum alloy.

  • Lightweight and High rigidity
    (With a density equivalentto aluminum , and the rigidity is 1.6 times.)
  • Low thermal expansion (Lower than copper)
  • High thermal conductivity (1.4times of Die-Cast product)
  • Vibration damping properties

Comparison of characteristics of MMC die-cast molded products and other materials

NamePart No.MethodDensity
Young's Modulus
Thermal Expansion
Thermal Conductivity
MMC Die-Cast (SiC/Al) Die-Cast 2.8 115 15.5 135
Die-Cast ADC12 2.71 71 21.5 96
High Thermal conductivity Die-Cast HT-1 2.65 76 21.3 150±20
Aluminum A5052(O) Extrusion 2.68 69 23.8 137
Oxygen-free Copper C1020(O) 8.94 117 17.7 391
Stainless Steel SUS304 7.93 193 17.2 197
Cast Iron FC250 Gravity Casting 7.25 114 9.8 47

※The above characteristics are reference values based on publicly available data, our survey results.

Proposal for MMC die-cast molded product

Heat sink
Inspection equipment · Industrial
machine Structural parts etc

Please use MMC material

photo:Reference shape

※Reference shape