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Management policy

Corporate philosophyMission

We remain committed to contribute creating a more prosperous future for humans and the earth, while pursue the happiness of employees and their families, through fine ceramics manufacturing and delivering.

Management policyVision

Company/Management aims to grow together with employees.
Company to provide safety and security for employees when management delegates responsibility, and employees to have and realize their dreams by taking on challenges with their initiative.

Action guidelineValues

We are driven by our shared values and commitments. These elements express our strengths and represent the basis for how we work and deliver solutions to our clients and stakeholders:

  • Challenge
    We will continue to take on challenges to respond the needs of our customers and the needs of society.
  • Trust
    We will consider each other and support each other to build a relationship of trust and enhance the power of the individual and the company.
  • Passion
    We do not allow compromises in manufacturing, that means to demonstrate our manufacturing capabilities, and to manufacture competitive products.
  • Cheerful and Positive
    We will have a lot of curiosity and work cheerfully and positively without being discouraged by failures once or twice, mistake will be made.

Quality and Environmental Policy

We aim to achieve our corporate mission while ensuring harmony with the global environment and meeting the expectations of customers and others.

We will

  1. Strive to improve product quality; shorten delivery times; reduce costs; comply with customer requirements, laws, and regulations; prevent environmental pollution; and improve the environment toward the common goal of "zero complaints."
  2. Identify and comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements, and strive to reduce environmental impact in all processes from procurement of raw materials to delivery of products.
  3. Strive to ensure that all employees recognize the importance of quality and environmental protection through in-house training and awareness-raising activities.
  4. Establish quality and environmental objectives, strive to achieve them, and review these objectives regularly or as needed.
  5. Build and operate quality and environmental management systems and continuously improve them.

Quality Management System


We have obtained ISO9001 certification.

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Environmental Management System


We have obtained ISO14001 certification.

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Green Purchasing Policy

In accordance with our quality and environmental policy, we will:

  1. Purchase and use raw materials, components, and products with low environmental impact to ensure we develop, design, and manufacture environmentally friendly products.
    1. Observe laws and regulations concerning chemical substances, including agreements with customers and conflict mineral disclosure rules.
    2. Avoid using banned chemical substances and goods containing such substances.
    3. Properly manage controlled chemical substances.
    4. Risk assessment is conducted when purchasing chemical substances.
  2. Contribute to protecting the global environment and building a recycling-oriented society by delivering such environmentally friendly products to customers.

Health and Safety Policy

Giving the highest priority to the health and safety of our employees, we are committed to preventing occupational accidents, maintaining and promoting health, and creating a good working environment.

We will:

  1. Identify and comply with all applicable laws and regulations (e.g., the Industrial Safety and Health Act) and other requirements.
  2. Continuously improve health and safety training to raise awareness of health and safety issues.
  3. Strive to create a safe working environment to achieve zero occupational accidents.
  4. Strive to reduce overtime to maintain and promote health.
  5. Eliminate illegal discrimination such as harassment and make a safe and comfortable working environment.
  6. Build and operate health and safety management systems and continuously improve them.