We specialize in fine ceramics such as silicon carbide and silicon nitride and our proprietary technologies and products meet various needs in the state-of-the-art industries.
Fine ceramics is a super material with unlimited potential

Field Electronic Components Structural Materials Advanced Metal Matrix Composites Advanced Metal Matrix Composites
Optical communication substrates
  PD/LD submounts
Wireless communication substrates
High-frequency circuit substrates
Electronic circuit substrates
Chip resistors
Ceramics substrates
Sensor substrates
Ceramics for semiconductor
manufacturing equipment
Ceramics for liquid crystal manufacturing equipment
Mechanical seals, bearings
Sliding members
Pump and valve parts
Ceramics jigs
Components for manufacturing equipment of
semiconductors and LCD, components for inspection
equipment, components for mounters and bonders,
components for machine tools and various precision
machinery, various heat sinks, and more
Production processes Thin film circuit substrate production process Thin plate ceramics production process Industrial machinery ceramics production process  

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